Behind the scenes of an animation

Possibly the coolest inclusion on an Animation series I’ve ever participated in with cast mate Garan; check out what my awesome boss decided to do for Xmas “SHOW” everyone how the characters get their “voices”. ^^ Miles, with us in spirit, was greatly missed, and we had crazy fun (and always do). Sharing work you love is a blessing. Wishing everyone as happy a Xmas as I’m having!!!! Much love heart emoticon Thank you to the irreplaceable Peggy Lewis, always, from Seoul.
(out on youtube soon), and broadcast via EBS2 daily. PS-I had my #janekimdesigns bling on to complete the “red and shiny” look requested ^^ It’s my fave go to!


Recording at KOFIC – experience of a lifetime

Yesterday I dubbed the entire running time of Emily, the main character in Indie Feature film, ‘Dear Emily’.

What a privilege. 10 hours of writing, re0writing, reflecting, recording, and pleasure. kellych mediram with my “character”, and the director, Ryan/SeungBin Baek, and here is the page for the flick

When my job moves me.

mommy.225x225-75A new CEO or author walks into the studio. You can tell they’re a little nervous. After all, this is their soul –  programmed into an iPad...their heart spread on the pages of a book, not quite complete. They are, in essence, bearing their soul for you to give a voice to something they’ve conjured. They are on a mission, and it’s unfamiliar territory. They may not know it, but I personally know the feeling.

I always describe the feeling of “successfully giving an entity a voice” as magical. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a visibly excited author or CEO gushing “Thank you, thank you so much, you don’t know what this means to me, it’s exactly right..”

It makes MY job matter. I’ve just given someone’s creation life. And in turn, the reward is awesome. I carry it with me.

This client (book-turned app author) recently sent me the itunes links to the books I voiced. This recording was one of those days, so I remember. If ever you are privileged to feel the same, cherish that. Take it with you. Let it fire you to grow. I never forget.


Brown Education’s world

iWonder Media Solutions 

VO: Me ^^ One of my favourite projects to date: I voice the characters – —and how I WISH I could actually “wave a wand” and bestow fluent Korean skills upon myself kk Extraordinary work by Sonny Side, Orielvis Padron, Tony Ruse Miniloop Media, Douglas Vautour. Working with awesome people makes my job all the sweeter. It’s gratifying to look at a finished product and reflect on how much work and talent went into that ‘minute of expression’:)