Shooting with Teo and Yoon (4 concepts), here are 2 I loved


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Kim Yoon and Kim Teo are the duo of my dreams. Yoon is a special effects make up artist and overall beauty specialist (her fine art background makes her diverse) with an eye for discounts as a personal shopper, and her work has a creative edge to it. Teo is so intuitive that it’s as if he instructs the model via osmosis and I LOVE modelling for them. TEO

I actually did hire Yoon as a personal shopper/stylist and she pulled off about 50 outfits for 250USD. LOVE HER. 

CJ’s stylist does wedding hair and bejewelled dress paired with “basic chic”

Every episode brings the fun of seeing what our queen stylist will conjure for me – and she NEVER gets it wrong, usually bringing one outfit per look and nailing first try. This week we went with complex “multi-braid’ wedding hair. She is awesome, and joining me was guest ‘Kijung’, who really shines on camera (perhaps a new career in the making, Sir?)^^ NICE-UH!

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Getting “plastered”, literally

Mid-body painting with plaster
Mid-body painting with plaster

Today’s photo shoot was exceptionally interestingthis was taken mid-way through body painting which included plaster, powder and brush strokes to create a “mannequin” look, and the campaign involved high-end accessories handing from the body (no face shown)  partially nude, very edgy. It’s intended to launch in the US at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s in 2014, and I am stoked to see the final results. I love the designers work.

Just a note about semi-nude or nude modelling – it’s like yoga, because you’re always flexing! ^^ Two birds, I guess!

“Step up English!” at CJ Net

cjI had a rough morning, but the energy of a studio is contagious.Today was Day 1 as the host of my new show at the fantastic mega-congomerate that is CJ…and I have to tell you, compared to the green rooms of other renowned networks, I felt as if I was in a hotel. I look forward to the horror that comes with seeing myself on the screen – it seems to have to be that way, hah…it has to be that way for me to improve. That is how we learn. I had fun. That is the key. My job is awesome, and everyone was incredible and professional. Oh and I wanted to take the stylist home with me. 2.5 hours of hair and make-up – but totally worth it. I go in looking like a slob and emerge sparkly.