Getting “plastered”, literally

Mid-body painting with plaster
Mid-body painting with plaster

Today’s photo shoot was exceptionally interestingthis was taken mid-way through body painting which included plaster, powder and brush strokes to create a “mannequin” look, and the campaign involved high-end accessories handing from the body (no face shown)  partially nude, very edgy. It’s intended to launch in the US at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s in 2014, and I am stoked to see the final results. I love the designers work.

Just a note about semi-nude or nude modelling – it’s like yoga, because you’re always flexing! ^^ Two birds, I guess!


Introducing “The Kurunta” to Korea

THE KURUNTA-it sounds a little intimidating, no?

I am not a practitioner of yoga, so when I was approached to shoot this yoga tool, I was more than a little self-conscious of my lack of fitness. Made in India, the “Kurunta” is intended to aid in sleep, posture, flexibility and stress management. You can read about it in THE KOREA TIMES, coming soon!

Midnight madness indeed, Korea Magazine

A while ago, I was approached by Korea Magazine to do a short article in the “My Seoul” section. Korea Mag is published in just about every country EXCEPT Korea, and is partnered with the Korea Tourism Organisation. Here is a page from the story, which was just re-published in a short anthology. Btw…anyone attempting to condense the experience of shopping owl’s hours at Damdaemn has a huge task in front of them. What a mecca of…well, read the story!