When my job moves me.

mommy.225x225-75A new CEO or author walks into the studio. You can tell they’re a little nervous. After all, this is their soul –  programmed into an iPad...their heart spread on the pages of a book, not quite complete. They are, in essence, bearing their soul for you to give a voice to something they’ve conjured. They are on a mission, and it’s unfamiliar territory. They may not know it, but I personally know the feeling.

I always describe the feeling of “successfully giving an entity a voice” as magical. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a visibly excited author or CEO gushing “Thank you, thank you so much, you don’t know what this means to me, it’s exactly right..”

It makes MY job matter. I’ve just given someone’s creation life. And in turn, the reward is awesome. I carry it with me.

This client (book-turned app author) recently sent me the itunes links to the books I voiced. This recording was one of those days, so I remember. If ever you are privileged to feel the same, cherish that. Take it with you. Let it fire you to grow. I never forget.


Oh, it was chilly

I Spent today filming with MOMA super-owner Edwin, my talented “film daughter” Ellen aka Meghan, and a very determined crew as we shot summer scenes in the November weather. The kids cheerfully wore shorts and T’s and put me to shame in my jeans and T-shirt- seriously, you kids were rays of sunshine. See you next Tuesday ♥ And ended the night with a VERY hot bath…brings to mind a 23-hour shoot from last year in a heatless studio where I played a house wife in a nightie and not 1, but 2 crew members would rush to wrap blankets around me between takes. The lovely 6-year old Jada was the star of that show and outdid us all in terms of toughness…often, I feel humbled by very young actors!

A change of scenery

I am in the midst of a special lecture with the Korean Coast Guard…and while I may not quite “fit in” with the folks in appearance, we share a lot. These are incredibly strong people who guard our coasts and live extraordinary lives. Right now they are especially significant as disputes about fishing territory are occurring.

“I don’t like Monkeys!!!”

A demo for a video I shot last weekend. These are always awesome learning experiences – though I know this clip will be changed, text will be added, color corrected, etc…for me, it’s just great to check out my habits. And as you can see, “I don’t like monkeys!”

Yesterday was a minute to minute madness extravaganza. My days don’t typically blend seamlessly into one another, but yesterday did. It began at 6 am with a meeting, and proceeded to a noon CF (corporate vice recording), which incidentally was located a 15 min walk away from an audition for a news anchor spot on a cable channel at 12:40 (and hey! I got the job^^, which gave me exactly enough time to head to Northern Seoul for a 3:00 animation, then a 6:00 recording for my own company’s kickass ipad application, then a script edit due at 9pm. And I DID IT WITH 5 MIN TO SPARE.

I’m actually quite stoked about the broadcasting job. I normally sit in  a sound booth and read the news, so being on camera is a treat. I read the English news for 4 national newspapers in Korea – I wonder if anyone ever notices?

“Easy come, easy go, and ya never know”

“it-girl” dress, valued at $3 post-shooting in July

It has been a weird week, but then again, every week is unpredictable for me. The haphazard nature of “booking” is something that those who have 9-5 schedules, paid parking and a neighbourhood haunt won’t relate to and would possibly go mental over: I never know where I will be on a given day with a few exceptions. Now, this can make for a cool day, or it can be a royal pain in the ass.

Today, I accidentally mistook an educational reading booking next week for today and found myself with 4 hours to spare in the middle of the funky art district (not so bad), and as always, had my Macbook in tow. I am currently waiting on a 10 minute regular gig for an e-learning job I do on a weekly basis. It turns out that halfway through that job, another popped up…so I’ve revisited this post as I wait another 2 hours in another coffee shop for job number 3. 

“Ya just never know”

Last Friday, I woke up thinking I had one hour-long educational recording in a nearby studio and that I’d be heading home for an early weekend. 4 text messages and 35 dollars in cabs later, I had zig-zagged around the city to fit in 5 jobs – 3 of them being corporate recordings. Easy come, easy go, lady luck plays a role. I bring a make up kit for unexpected auditions that pop up.

My lovely manager, Kyoung-Hee (or KH) helps me handle matters, but sometimes clients will simply text me a time accompanied by a question mark.

My job allows me to see quite a bit of the city, and thankfully, Seoul has a lot to see, and I’ve archived my many “sights” into an album titled “Daily Seoul”.

Not to disrespect office-workers, but I honestly cannot imagine it. I’ve lived this haphazard lifestyle for long enough to get ancy if I’m in one neighbourhood for too long, though there are days that I crave a little predictability. That’s the industry: you can literally make thousands of dollars a week or absolutely nothing. I’ve had both.

Seeing spots @ ALLABOUT Cafe, Hapjeong, where the Yuja Cha is a voice actor’s chicken soup. I love the stuff.

A little irony from MY week: I visited my stylist, whom I adore (and if you live in Seoul, you’ll want to visit MY stylist at FUNNY HAIR STYLE in Hongdae as they are the best – especially if you have hair extensions, scalp issues or want some creativity). I stepped out in a vintage dress that I acquired in Canada at a second hand shop while living with 6 girls, struggling as a model and shooter-girl during university, and basically, broke. I was shot as a “trend setter to be voted on for the week” by a new street fashion mag. I wore the afore-mentioned dress, a Zara trench, canvas Tom’s, and a leopard print backpack. They’d shot everything from my newly manicured sea-shell hued nails for the documentary I had pending to my Franklin Planner and Cross pen before I even knew I was being photographed.

My hair looked nice (thanks Shin and Becky), as my chocolatey colour was just touched up and they’d given me a complimentary Keratin treatment (freaking awesome) and replaced my extensions – something I look forward to every month as my hair looks perfect for about a week without me touching it. PS-my hair IS actually long, it just isn’t awesomely thick and when I began getting more film gigs, I met a very cool hair extension CEO who offered me free “double-sided tape remy” extensions in exchange for promo material, and introduced me to the salon who sponsored me. Now, I simply consider hair extensions part of my necessary accessories. I use a brand that doesn’t kill my hair, and is designed for women like me who have thin hair. In some cases, the nature of the shoot will ruin the extensions INSTEAD of my hair (as was the case when I played Jenny Marx, who had 3 hours worth of pin curls). They cost me about 30min worth of work per week to maintain and they give me options. However, they are NOT for those who want to save time doing their hair. Expect to do more.

I will post the pic of the ensemble when the mag does, but left is the cosy dress – which I often wear to shoots.