PUNCHING is gratifying exercise. JUST GO XCO

Thank you to my gal, former trainer to Kim Yuna, Jo Hyun Jeong



Getting my Mambo on

So once again, super-trainer Hyun Jeong Cho joins me to get our bounce on. I liked this tool, but I would’ve liked to have just jumped on it. Let’s be real, thats where the real fun is ^^ Thank you to Trainer Hyun for a super fun workout. I chose the tunes – shout out to OLDSCHOOL. 


And today, we tackled “Girls Generation”…2 songs. Yes I did

...and tomorrow, I’ll see it in action. I imagine I will be laughing a good deal through that one, as I did Gangnam style.

Oh and Gee are a lot tougher than they look! The ladies gave me pigtails and I bought a bright pink headband to go with my K-pop-esque mini-skirt tights – though snapped this as we wrapped. I’m feeling that K-pop style for me is all about bright and “kyuopta”, as we say in Korean…basically, I try and channel my inner irresponsible teen, and I am sure I have one.

I love my job…I never quite know what to expect from the dancing segments, but I do crack up a fair bit filming them. This time, I was wise to the fact that my arms look like tooth picks next to the powerhouses that are Alisha and Selene – both world class belly dancers/dance instructors. I felt like a grasshopper last time ^^ Congrats to GG for hitting number 2 this month on the Oricon chart in Japan. Pretty awesome.