Jane Kim Designs, Photo Campaign 2015 S/S

As a model, the energy and passion of the crew is monumental – and I was not left wanting for upcoming IT girl of bling, Jane Kim’s debut shoot. Becki Lee, Photographer Daeun Kim and the designer herself made the day pure sparkling pleasure. I brought home sparklies as a personal reward and wear them with casual or posh, totally diverse.

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Shooting with Teo and Yoon (4 concepts), here are 2 I loved


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Kim Yoon and Kim Teo are the duo of my dreams. Yoon is a special effects make up artist and overall beauty specialist (her fine art background makes her diverse) with an eye for discounts as a personal shopper, and her work has a creative edge to it. Teo is so intuitive that it’s as if he instructs the model via osmosis and I LOVE modelling for them. TEO 5sama.com

I actually did hire Yoon as a personal shopper/stylist and she pulled off about 50 outfits for 250USD. LOVE HER. 

Hasselblad Analog love – Bohemia

ANALOG EDITORIAL-Until I met the talented Youngdoo, I had never heard of a Hasselblad, and it had been years since I’d shot analog. There is something magical about that “time capsule” creation. “I love this machine. It is like capturing time – I think of it as a time capsule.”-Youngdoo Kim

We shot this in a trendy cafe in Itaewon, with nothing but Youngdoo’s talent and instinct for “lighting control”, combined with the bohemian wear provided by Yoon Kim.

I now have an appreciation for the soft grays and “flaws” that cumulate to create beautiful work from analog cameras such as the Hasselblad…which is not to say I am not very grateful for editing!

Handbags a la Paris

*Featured, Photographer Welkinlight Photography 2010, MUA and hair Zal Zaloudi

HANDBAGS ARE AMONG THE MOST COMMON OF ACCESSORIES. I think the ladies of Seoul showcase them quite well on a daily basis…what’s the joke, “3 seconds and you see a LV bag”?

Betcha didn’t know it was actually tricky to highlight a handbag…I mean they reflect light (irritating for the photog in the best of settings), they need to be fully showcased (tough for the model), and we all have to LOOK pretty. It’s a cool challenge for any model.

*Featured, Photographer Welkinlight Photography 2010, MUA and hair Zal Zaloudi

High Society -David Sheldrick

Newcomer (who is clearly here to stay and shine) photographer David Sheldrick shot this set at Yonsei University, which is surprisingly full of beautiful, Euro-esque corners and ornate detail. MUA Sophie Lee pulled off some lovely tones to compliment this Japanese ensemble.

Oh btw, we had someone throwing the scarf, literally…that took SKILLZ:)