Recording at KOFIC – experience of a lifetime

Yesterday I dubbed the entire running time of Emily, the main character in Indie Feature film, ‘Dear Emily’.

What a privilege. 10 hours of writing, re0writing, reflecting, recording, and pleasure. kellych mediram with my “character”, and the director, Ryan/SeungBin Baek, and here is the page for the flick



Funny-talkers Tracey, Jyoung-Ah, Brad  and Myself battled to match schedules to record this 26 episode series for The Korea Human Rights Assoc. Director Park Piljin outdid himself.

I play JACK, a strapping boy who isn’t nearly as tough as he likes to pretend to be

I play YUNA, a bratty gal with lots of lessons to learn

I play “MOM”, a bumbling, busy body.

If you’ve ever wondered how your fave cartoons got their voices, I suppose it would steal away some of the magic to see a group of sweaty actors soldiering through a dubbing – which requires studying, focus, and of course, one must remember their pitch (and in some cases, which character of yours is one the screen).

I’ve always loved animations, but they’re hard, hard work – down to the huffing and puffing your mind barely registers as a listener, to sinking from the mic whilst screaming bloody murder. Your brain best be working to do the job justice.