“Step up English!” at CJ Net

cjI had a rough morning, but the energy of a studio is contagious.Today was Day 1 as the host of my new show at the fantastic mega-congomerate that is CJ…and I have to tell you, compared to the green rooms of other renowned networks, I felt as if I was in a hotel. I look forward to the horror that comes with seeing myself on the screen – it seems to have to be that way, hah…it has to be that way for me to improve. That is how we learn. I had fun. That is the key. My job is awesome, and everyone was incredible and professional. Oh and I wanted to take the stylist home with me. 2.5 hours of hair and make-up – but totally worth it. I go in looking like a slob and emerge sparkly.



Chroma-color funnies…I love blue screen. You never know where you’ll end up

487053_10152351766930201_1173328758_nIn the editing room, there is a collage of “freezes”, aka collages of funny faces by moi. It’s awesome. I am channelling my inner fish here.

Chroma-film is cool because the blue screen in the back will serve as the animated background – meaning, I could be standing primly in the ocean, surrounded by mermaids for all I know. I wouldn’t mind that in the least!