Behind the scenes of an animation

Possibly the coolest inclusion on an Animation series I’ve ever participated in with cast mate Garan; check out what my awesome boss decided to do for Xmas “SHOW” everyone how the characters get their “voices”. ^^ Miles, with us in spirit, was greatly missed, and we had crazy fun (and always do). Sharing work you love is a blessing. Wishing everyone as happy a Xmas as I’m having!!!! Much love heart emoticon Thank you to the irreplaceable Peggy Lewis, always, from Seoul.
(out on youtube soon), and broadcast via EBS2 daily. PS-I had my #janekimdesigns bling on to complete the “red and shiny” look requested ^^ It’s my fave go to!

Getting my MOM on on set with Yea-mee
Getting my MOM on on set with Yea-mee

The neat thing about this US/EU CF is that I will both act in and voice it (today, the VO is scheduled actually). That’s a cool feeling. It really lends ownership to the work. So, I got my mom on, got a little more practice “co-directing”, as it was intended to be VERY Western, and got a sense of how the industry here is changing. Costs cut in some areas and extended in others.

I plan on writing about it, but I had my directorial debut not long ago and LOVED it. It changes one as an actress in ways I never imagines.

Getting “plastered”, literally

Mid-body painting with plaster
Mid-body painting with plaster

Today’s photo shoot was exceptionally interestingthis was taken mid-way through body painting which included plaster, powder and brush strokes to create a “mannequin” look, and the campaign involved high-end accessories handing from the body (no face shown)  partially nude, very edgy. It’s intended to launch in the US at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s in 2014, and I am stoked to see the final results. I love the designers work.

Just a note about semi-nude or nude modelling – it’s like yoga, because you’re always flexing! ^^ Two birds, I guess!

“Step up English!” at CJ Net

cjI had a rough morning, but the energy of a studio is contagious.Today was Day 1 as the host of my new show at the fantastic mega-congomerate that is CJ…and I have to tell you, compared to the green rooms of other renowned networks, I felt as if I was in a hotel. I look forward to the horror that comes with seeing myself on the screen – it seems to have to be that way, hah…it has to be that way for me to improve. That is how we learn. I had fun. That is the key. My job is awesome, and everyone was incredible and professional. Oh and I wanted to take the stylist home with me. 2.5 hours of hair and make-up – but totally worth it. I go in looking like a slob and emerge sparkly.


Newest toy at Miniloop media – among several mic models. Seriously, what a difference a mic can make – it brings out the colors in the voice and adds body. NOTE FOR ASPIRING VOICE ARTISTS! Check out his lil paperback – mine is in the mail. It comes very highly recommended by one of my favourite and most imaginative colleagues. From snippets I’ve read online, looks VERY useful. 5 days till my brown package arrives^^