Getting “plastered”, literally

Mid-body painting with plaster
Mid-body painting with plaster

Today’s photo shoot was exceptionally interestingthis was taken mid-way through body painting which included plaster, powder and brush strokes to create a “mannequin” look, and the campaign involved high-end accessories handing from the body (no face shown)  partially nude, very edgy. It’s intended to launch in the US at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s in 2014, and I am stoked to see the final results. I love the designers work.

Just a note about semi-nude or nude modelling – it’s like yoga, because you’re always flexing! ^^ Two birds, I guess!


Brown Education’s world

iWonder Media Solutions 

VO: Me ^^ One of my favourite projects to date: I voice the characters – —and how I WISH I could actually “wave a wand” and bestow fluent Korean skills upon myself kk Extraordinary work by Sonny Side, Orielvis Padron, Tony Ruse Miniloop Media, Douglas Vautour. Working with awesome people makes my job all the sweeter. It’s gratifying to look at a finished product and reflect on how much work and talent went into that ‘minute of expression’:)

Broadcasting in the flesh for once

Ja-yoon and I wrapping up

I often joke that any trends existing in national English newspaper audio are my doing:) Today, I got to broadcast in film – and bless them.they let me wear flats. The MUA was good, and I LOVED how she butchered the eyelashes and glued them on soothly to give me popping eyes. Wrapped in 3.5 hours:)

I also give up on owning a flattering business suit that flatters me. Thank Buddha for stylists and plan B’s. I just don’t have a business suit bod. We voice folks are spoiled in that we don’t face the lights, make-up and costume side of the job, but I rather enjoyed this!

ATM I am. Film & Voice and a super coincidence

Nautilus Hyosung ATMs (N America), video and voice-over, 2012

Working with computer Graphics or ‘CGs’ is always a challenge, but the folks who shot this campaign with me were truly wonderful.

PS-If you do encounter me spitting out your balance, I hope I’m telling you that you have LOTS of moulah!


By sheer coincidence, I did both the voice-overs and the screen footage for North America’s newest retail ATMs by Nautilus Hyosung. Models: NH8OOSE, MX4000W, MX5000SE, over 30,000 locations.

The machines are customised to adapt to holidays, special events, and are designed to service to visually and hearing impaired. Very cool.

Introducing “The Kurunta” to Korea

THE KURUNTA-it sounds a little intimidating, no?

I am not a practitioner of yoga, so when I was approached to shoot this yoga tool, I was more than a little self-conscious of my lack of fitness. Made in India, the “Kurunta” is intended to aid in sleep, posture, flexibility and stress management. You can read about it in THE KOREA TIMES, coming soon!

Samsung Convergence Technology can do everything you could possibly think of in your house

I know this, having acted it out with awesome colleague Adam Pierce. I also know that I cannot walk in high heels, let alone, “flounce”, to save my soul (though in my defense, those shoes were evil-see below). So much so that a whole scene had to be cut to accomodate my clumsiness.

This monster shoot lasted a record (for me) 23 hours. The 6 year old Jada put us all to shame, too.

CV Net and me.

CG MADNESS> As I’ve said before, working with Computer Graphics (CGs) can be a nightmare. It always amazes me how the directors can move so gracefully and yet, I feel like those ballet teachers from my childhood owe me an explanation.

It helps to have super-cool colleagues such as the lovely Angela Ko and perennially positive Jesse Day on hand to make you laugh…