MOM-Me ^^

I voiced and acted this one in the summer with a sweet little family crew. *BIG SMILE*  I can’t even cook ramen…but hey, I CAN give ya advice!^^


Newest toy at Miniloop media – among several mic models. Seriously, what a difference a mic can make – it brings out the colors in the voice and adds body. NOTE FOR ASPIRING VOICE ARTISTS! Check out his lil paperback – mine is in the mail. It comes very highly recommended by one of my favourite and most imaginative colleagues. From snippets I’ve read online, looks VERY useful. 5 days till my brown package arrives^^


When my job moves me.

mommy.225x225-75A new CEO or author walks into the studio. You can tell they’re a little nervous. After all, this is their soul –  programmed into an iPad...their heart spread on the pages of a book, not quite complete. They are, in essence, bearing their soul for you to give a voice to something they’ve conjured. They are on a mission, and it’s unfamiliar territory. They may not know it, but I personally know the feeling.

I always describe the feeling of “successfully giving an entity a voice” as magical. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a visibly excited author or CEO gushing “Thank you, thank you so much, you don’t know what this means to me, it’s exactly right..”

It makes MY job matter. I’ve just given someone’s creation life. And in turn, the reward is awesome. I carry it with me.

This client (book-turned app author) recently sent me the itunes links to the books I voiced. This recording was one of those days, so I remember. If ever you are privileged to feel the same, cherish that. Take it with you. Let it fire you to grow. I never forget.


Brown Education’s world

iWonder Media Solutions 

VO: Me ^^ One of my favourite projects to date: I voice the characters – —and how I WISH I could actually “wave a wand” and bestow fluent Korean skills upon myself kk Extraordinary work by Sonny Side, Orielvis Padron, Tony Ruse Miniloop Media, Douglas Vautour. Working with awesome people makes my job all the sweeter. It’s gratifying to look at a finished product and reflect on how much work and talent went into that ‘minute of expression’:)

A change of scenery

I am in the midst of a special lecture with the Korean Coast Guard…and while I may not quite “fit in” with the folks in appearance, we share a lot. These are incredibly strong people who guard our coasts and live extraordinary lives. Right now they are especially significant as disputes about fishing territory are occurring.

Broadcasting in the flesh for once

Ja-yoon and I wrapping up

I often joke that any trends existing in national English newspaper audio are my doing:) Today, I got to broadcast in film – and bless them.they let me wear flats. The MUA was good, and I LOVED how she butchered the eyelashes and glued them on soothly to give me popping eyes. Wrapped in 3.5 hours:)

I also give up on owning a flattering business suit that flatters me. Thank Buddha for stylists and plan B’s. I just don’t have a business suit bod. We voice folks are spoiled in that we don’t face the lights, make-up and costume side of the job, but I rather enjoyed this!

“I don’t like Monkeys!!!”

A demo for a video I shot last weekend. These are always awesome learning experiences – though I know this clip will be changed, text will be added, color corrected, etc…for me, it’s just great to check out my habits. And as you can see, “I don’t like monkeys!”

Yesterday was a minute to minute madness extravaganza. My days don’t typically blend seamlessly into one another, but yesterday did. It began at 6 am with a meeting, and proceeded to a noon CF (corporate vice recording), which incidentally was located a 15 min walk away from an audition for a news anchor spot on a cable channel at 12:40 (and hey! I got the job^^, which gave me exactly enough time to head to Northern Seoul for a 3:00 animation, then a 6:00 recording for my own company’s kickass ipad application, then a script edit due at 9pm. And I DID IT WITH 5 MIN TO SPARE.

I’m actually quite stoked about the broadcasting job. I normally sit in  a sound booth and read the news, so being on camera is a treat. I read the English news for 4 national newspapers in Korea – I wonder if anyone ever notices?

MBC documenting “a day in the life of the unseen of the media”

My colleague Tony Ruse of Miniloop media joined me yesterday  for our weekly Chosun news as MBC filmed, oftentimes from inside the booth.

The filming was followed by questions for Tony: his challenges, history, advise, goals, and “just how does he keep that sexy voice sounding supple”? I heard they were en route to his home for a true glimpse into the life of a voice talent. Hard to believe that the gentleman has been voice acting for 25 years. He puts many of us to shame.

As for moi, I did some storybook reading and played some characters to demonstrate typical job requests and reiterated my adoration for Miniloop studio. It was “an interesting day at the office”.

Looking forward to seeing the documentary. I thought it was cool that they chose to feature those whose voices are commonplace but whose faces may simply be “perfect for radio”…audio is such a powerful mode of expression.  I love the challenge of being limited to voice. Consider that for a second.

I move A LOT when I voice act, particularly while doing animations-so much so that other actors have joked that I pose a hazard to be next to if we are dubbing in a group. It’s natural to me, after I actually started “acting” and stopped “reading”. We have one itty bitty medium to work with through which we must convey everything that a TV/theatre actor does “in feeling”. Just your sound. It’s a pretty cool challenge.