We had a stunning set and a wonderfully supportive cast for a physically challenging project. A pleasure to meet Ms Caitlyn and her mother, who flew in from LA and enjoyed Asia for the first time ^^


Scream-queen in me re-awakened

I don’t play video games-which is not to say I don’t love acting in them. Maverick studios gave me an opportunity that few female VO artists get: to narrate, and act in, a trailer. They included a videographer (very cool, but it happened to be on a day I went make-up free and did the ghetto uniform), and it gives you a taste of how your “realer than real” battles are created.

NC Soft wizard “Ray” once told me something absolutely inspring: “The thing that makes our jobs tough is that is doesn’t have to just realistic, it has to be realer than real – every swipe of a sword, bullet, punch…the experience has to surpass reality”. 

And here we have me in studio via my cell phone


Autographing at studio for the wall