Behind the scenes of an animation

Possibly the coolest inclusion on an Animation series I’ve ever participated in with cast mate Garan; check out what my awesome boss decided to do for Xmas “SHOW” everyone how the characters get their “voices”. ^^ Miles, with us in spirit, was greatly missed, and we had crazy fun (and always do). Sharing work you love is a blessing. Wishing everyone as happy a Xmas as I’m having!!!! Much love heart emoticon Thank you to the irreplaceable Peggy Lewis, always, from Seoul.
(out on youtube soon), and broadcast via EBS2 daily. PS-I had my #janekimdesigns bling on to complete the “red and shiny” look requested ^^ It’s my fave go to!


“We always knew you were a spy”

So, I got a call from a guy I work with in casting, asking for some “stiff businessy” pix of me for a new Fox 21 movie in need of “spy/secret agent” characters to add to a book in the 2013 production, “Running Man”. 

The PD initially took to my PASSPORT pic, but it turned out to be too blurry, so I posed in my best grey suit and attempted to project “stealth, sly, and cold”. I am not sure which pic they chose but I look forward to it, ha!