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Getting “plastered”, literally

Mid-body painting with plaster
Mid-body painting with plaster

Today’s photo shoot was exceptionally interestingthis was taken mid-way through body painting which included plaster, powder and brush strokes to create a “mannequin” look, and the campaign involved high-end accessories handing from the body (no face shown)  partially nude, very edgy. It’s intended to launch in the US at Nordstrom’s and Macy’s in 2014, and I am stoked to see the final results. I love the designers work.

Just a note about semi-nude or nude modelling – it’s like yoga, because you’re always flexing! ^^ Two birds, I guess!

Hector Kim’s imagination at work

By Hector Kim, MU Yoon Kim, Assistant photographer Kisu Chae, Hair by @Jung Chun, La Stella — at La Stella, Cheongdam .

Fine Art Photograper Hector Kim joined another great fine art mind, Yoon Kim, and Chisu Chae, at La Stella in Cheongdam for a conceptual shoot that turned East-Indian inspired.

I was telling Hector, who is, in fact, quite a living “artwork” himself in character, that I often crave freedom and creativity when I work. These shoots merge modelling and acting. And of course, it incldued my favorite stylist/Make-up artist and collaborator–the lovely Yoon Kim. Anyone who is privileged to work with Yoon will remember it. She is one of a kind brilliant, and frankly, so is Hector.

Imagine walking into a space with a model you’ve never met, and little more than some camera equipment, a sari, some bangles, and imagination. This is what wHector did, and the photos organically emerged.

Yoon Kim Exhibition

Fine Artist and friend Yoon Kim produced her first mixed media show, which I felt honored to be part of. I can’t say that being nudein front of a group of photography students with rolling cell cameras is a memory I will cherish, but it produced results I am extremely proud of. I feel incredible whenever Yoon turns to me and says, “my muse”. That’s a hell of a compliment.

Peacock, Yoon Kim 2011

“I paint what I observe/sense in human nature, human behaviors and human characteristics. I’ve anthropomorphised these observations in my paintings and photos. The colors I’ve chosen were chosen on purpose and represent certain relationships between the zoomorphic characters and myself as the painter. Each work contains hints of conflict within the human condition, putting people in different social, cultural and personal scenarios.”
-Yoon Kim

BB&Co Lookbook flower fairy – and 6 hours of hair and make-up

I was chosen to model for a new lookbook using the pretty awesome skills of the folks at BB&Co Cheongdam…

though I admit I never did get to see many prints from the day, as the err…gentleman who set up the shoot made himself rather scare. However, the process of being painted brown (literally), and having a hand made wig of flowers, hair and ornaments dangled from my head was actually pretty cool. I had just broken my leg a month earlier, so I was stoked to be working and even more so, in a “pretty” sense 🙂