Follow the White Rabbit, VR Magic…

scene from "Follow the White Rabbit".jpegFollow the White Rabbit

For many of us, a cherished rite of passage includes a time of magical beings, infinite possibility, and a world in which anything is possible – a youthful sense of wonderment that calls to mind Lewis Carroll’s beloved classic, ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

This year, Dexter Studios Visual Effects company is honored to debut the Wonderland-esque brainchild of Director and technological visionary Chuck Chae at ‘Festival de Cannes’, commonly known as Cannes Film Festival.


“Call it an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ for 2018 if you will”, noted actress Kelly Frances, who portrays the English heroine, An-Huisu.


‘Follow the White Rabbit’ is a short VR experience; inspired by the elements that its inspiration encapsulates; yet enhanced by unique motion and visual technology made possible through customized gear designed by Chae, who additionally headed the film’s VR narrative, motion design, film and dubbing direction.


“I think of the project as a collective gift to all those seeking magic in entertainment”, noted Chae. “As a director, I enjoy merging genres, cultures and experimentation.”

The film features MBC’s award winning actress Jung Da-bin, and Canadian voice and TV actress Kelly Frances, jointly portraying the heroine ‘An Huisu’ – an ordinary teenaged girl from Korea with a sense of ‘something missing’.


While Jung is shown in Korean viewings, Frances’ voice is dubbed over Jungs’ for global purposes and debuting at Cannes.


Scored by American Composer Steffen Schmidt, recipient of ‘Best Score’ honors at the ME (Milledgeville-Eatonton) Film Festival, ‘Find the White Rabbit’ combines artistry and influence of both east and west.


To accommodate the film’s technological prowess, a device known as “HOMI”, accompanied by VR “viewers” was crafted.


HOMI is best described as a moveable, ‘chair-like’ apparatus; providing a gentle, rollercoaster-like experience – an added dimension of reality in interactive story-telling.


Like the traditional Alice, Huisu is in search of deeper truth, and finds herself transported from her home in Korea to a strange land in search of “that certain magical something”.


The interactivity factor within VR films, particularly in “Follow the White Rabbit” invests the audience, due in part to technology that allows a shared experience surpassing the status quo, and the ability to experience the characters viewpoint in multi-faceted fashion.


In Chae’s narrative, verbal engagement by Huisu invokes an emotional quality, as she shares her internal journey, questions inclusive. To quote the 80’s classic, she is a teenager found to grow “couriouser and couriouser”.


“I’m excited that the world can experience a multinational collaboration of gifted artists who have joined me on this journey, from Seoul to the Cannes Film festival. It’s very humbling.”



Getting my MOM on on set with Yea-mee
Getting my MOM on on set with Yea-mee

The neat thing about this US/EU CF is that I will both act in and voice it (today, the VO is scheduled actually). That’s a cool feeling. It really lends ownership to the work. So, I got my mom on, got a little more practice “co-directing”, as it was intended to be VERY Western, and got a sense of how the industry here is changing. Costs cut in some areas and extended in others.

I plan on writing about it, but I had my directorial debut not long ago and LOVED it. It changes one as an actress in ways I never imagines.

CJ’s stylist does wedding hair and bejewelled dress paired with “basic chic”

Every episode brings the fun of seeing what our queen stylist will conjure for me – and she NEVER gets it wrong, usually bringing one outfit per look and nailing first try. This week we went with complex “multi-braid’ wedding hair. She is awesome, and joining me was guest ‘Kijung’, who really shines on camera (perhaps a new career in the making, Sir?)^^ NICE-UH!

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