Behind the scenes of an animation

Possibly the coolest inclusion on an Animation series I’ve ever participated in with cast mate Garan; check out what my awesome boss decided to do for Xmas “SHOW” everyone how the characters get their “voices”. ^^ Miles, with us in spirit, was greatly missed, and we had crazy fun (and always do). Sharing work you love is a blessing. Wishing everyone as happy a Xmas as I’m having!!!! Much love heart emoticon Thank you to the irreplaceable Peggy Lewis, always, from Seoul.
(out on youtube soon), and broadcast via EBS2 daily. PS-I had my #janekimdesigns bling on to complete the “red and shiny” look requested ^^ It’s my fave go to!


The fabulous 이보영 & I after wrapping EBS Good Morning Special, and Saturday’s Storytime with Kelly ^^

kfThis lady has sass, but doesn’t have to “try”, shops smart and looks fabulous every day (and radio is early!), and I love her voice. When I do the casting for our stories, she’s always my “evil queen”, my awesome female heroines and recently, she narrated and nailed it. I genuinely look up to her. She translates a good deal of our chit chat and makes everything look easy (when I know I’d find it tough;)). 



Steve, 선생님 and myself at EBS today
Steve, 선생님 and myself at EBS today

Special thank you to rockstar writer Paul Park for helping me understand that radio isn’t akin to reporting (as I initially believed it was”; it’s a conversation that catches interest and it takes PRACTICE. Made respect to radio professionals! This was a month of live radio and I loved it. I discussed various health topics based off my health column from The Korea Times, and enjoyed air time with Steve Hatherly, whom I am still star-struck by (though I was there for his pilot)^^, and a lovely team of people. 30 minutes flies by when you’re having fun.