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Jazz, Norah Jones Cover, Kelly Frances

August 13, 2017


So you need to make something out of nothing?

November 27, 2016

Now, it’s becoming more possible than ever to achieve greatness….


That is a challenge facing artists, scientists, charities and NGOs alike. I once was extremely critical of what appeared to be a NON-culture regarding fundraising – excluding CSR ventures. I had good reason to be.

Fast forward to 2016, and many of my favorite projects transpired from online fundraising. The use of online tools seems to have made a glorious impact on how we assist those in crisis, raise money for art, collaborate…the possibilities are endless and wonderful.

Thanks to the IoT, regular people can raise money for a good idea through the use of several user friendly websites. That’s one of the positive aspects of what is becoming a very SMS immersed time, and Korea is beginning to embrace it.

I now look to the net as much as I do to the investment world. The best part of this is, you needn’t be a connected person to be effective – only someone with inspiration and persistence. It’s a great thing, truly.

It’s no secret my activist nature has shifted to ethics in entertainment, but my ties to bears are still present. It remains to be seen what role I may play at this point, one that I am saddened to have reached without the idealistic solution that we’d all hoped for, following in Jill’s footsteps at AAF…with our president in such an unprecedented situation, this will be an interesting year.


January 29, 2016


Use your imagination…Avant garde

December 25, 2015


Behind the scenes of an animation

December 25, 2015

Possibly the coolest inclusion on an Animation series I’ve ever participated in with cast mate Garan; check out what my awesome boss decided to do for Xmas “SHOW” everyone how the characters get their “voices”. ^^ Miles, with us in spirit, was greatly missed, and we had crazy fun (and always do). Sharing work you love is a blessing. Wishing everyone as happy a Xmas as I’m having!!!! Much love heart emoticon Thank you to the irreplaceable Peggy Lewis, always, from Seoul.
(out on youtube soon), and broadcast via EBS2 daily. PS-I had my #janekimdesigns bling on to complete the “red and shiny” look requested ^^ It’s my fave go to!

Jane Kim’s “look of the day” a la MAXINE

December 20, 2015


A pilot with the JEI team…

December 18, 2015
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…equals a great time. I love how a great team can make a long day a blast.

Within a few weeks I ought to know if I have a new show. Loving my job…spent the working day laughing and doing what I love best. Pilots are great because they’re open doors for creative minds and when the team is awesome, the future follows suit.