Jane Kim’s “look of the day” a la MAXINE



A pilot with the JEI team…

…equals a great time. I love how a great team can make a long day a blast.

Within a few weeks I ought to know if I have a new show. Loving my job…spent the working day laughing and doing what I love best. Pilots are great because they’re open doors for creative minds and when the team is awesome, the future follows suit.


Jane Kim Designs, Photo Campaign 2015 S/S

As a model, the energy and passion of the crew is monumental – and I was not left wanting for upcoming IT girl of bling, Jane Kim’s debut shoot. Becki Lee, Photographer Daeun Kim and the designer herself made the day pure sparkling pleasure. I brought home sparklies as a personal reward and wear them with casual or posh, totally diverse.

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IMG_3989 IMG_3993 IMG_3996 IMG_4004 Kelly2 Kelly13 Kelly15 Kelly18 Kelly22 Kelly27 kwelly12edit photo (1) Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 7.47.48 am