Now, it’s becoming more possible than ever to achieve greatness…more confusing, overwhelming, overall exciting…choose your set of adjectives-


That is a challenge facing artists, scientists, charities and NGOs alike. I once was extremely critical of what appeared to be a NON-culture regarding fundraising – excluding CSR ventures. I had good reason to be. I still do. I know what I am here.  I am a 3rd class citizen on a sunny day: a foreign woman in Korea claiming to be a leader. There will always be those who cannot wrap their heads around that reality being ‘acceptable’ in their slice of normal, or possible to take seriously – simply because they grew up with a set of ‘norms’ that are vastly different from my own and their schemas (great word), or those rules, are what help them cope. I will never rob anyone of the right to disrespect me honestly. ‘i also won’t give them credibility based on ignorance. \it can make for a shitty day when the confrontations occur, and it sure doesn’t take years as a model turned female CEO in Asia to feel the shift in status perception go paradoxically icy cold.

Every once in a while, a fan will contact me and frantically ask for a little guidance about the direction of their lives, which they believe”oughta be all sorted out by now”. Aside from the bitter-sweet reminder of my age (kidding – sort of^^), I often have a chuckle over the reality that these questions appear to follow us throughout our lives. It never fails to humble me; just last week I made a video and a little sign for an adorable gent named Jo who watched me on the news with Seung-beck, bless him…man I miss that one.KakaoTalk_Photo_2018-03-12-16-55-11

Fast forward to 2016, and many of my favorite projects transpired from online fundraising. The use of online tools seems to have made a glorious impact on how we assist those in crisis, raise money for art, collaborate…the possibilities are endless and wonderful. Regular people can raise money in a casual way. It’s pretty awesome.

Don’t mistake me, asking people to extend a generous hand when the economy is often tough and can be crummy as disasters surround us… this is hardly an easy or wrinkle-free endeavor. that aside, a big smile, standing firmly by truth* (people can smell pretense a mile away – make sure you don’t fall into the trap of having to convince yourself of your reality!), and feel free to sugar coat or sour coat but always, always keep your soundbites BS-free. Don’t allow the worries of ‘what if just in case there is a slight chance” to rob you of a good possibility, or simply of the potential for change. It doesn’t happen on it’s own, and nothing obliterates passionate expression like a deficit of nerve when it counts, and in activism, it always counts as those chances are few and far between – a cliche I borrowed from my hometown.

Thanks to the IoT, regular people can raise money for a good idea through the use of several user friendly websites. That’s one of the positive aspects of what is becoming a very SMS immersed time, and Korea is into it. Crowdfunding is absolutely being embraced embraced by Koreans.

I now look to the casual net as much as I do to the investment world. The best part of this is, you needn’t be a connected person to be effective – only someone with inspiration and persistence. It’s a great thing, truly.

It’s no secret my activist’s soul has shifted a little into to ethics in entertainment, but my ties to bears is still present and always will be. It remains to be seen what role I may play at this point, one that I am saddened to have reached without the idealistic solution that we’d all hoped for, following in Jill’s footsteps at AAF…with our president in such an unprecedented situation, this will be an interesting year.



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