First time lash treat for a Korean Entertainer ^^

Shu Eyelash 010-918-80506
서울특별시 용산구 한남동 737-37 한남빌딩 407호 (Hannam BLDING is easily found on the main drag in Itaewon if you spot the 7-11, or on the Border

Ms Kim makes sure you’re warm and cosy (I fell asleep) for the 1.5 hours required to install the lashes. I normally NEVER fall asleep anywhere outside of my bed, but it’s a very intimate place and she’s gentle. No pain, no discomfort, just a soft “wake up call”, and a big change. They last about 3 weeks before a 30,000KRW touch up is in order, and I suppose it all adds up to about 50 cents a day. I need only bother with lower lashes (or nothing, really). I now see why so many Korean woman have referred to this as “an addiction”. It not only makes Asian eyes pop, but it saves me 20 min and really does contribute to a feeling of “luxury”^^ It is safe if done properly, and can be easily researched via google. Save it for a vacation or make it your timesaver – best for mascara addicts (another cost inclusion).

FULL SET (menu options will vary), approx. 50,000 KRW

lash1 lash2 lash3


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