SAVINA and DRONEZ MUSIC VIDEO, Korean Indie music


One thought on “SAVINA and DRONEZ MUSIC VIDEO, Korean Indie music

  1. Hi Kelly

    I know you may not remember me, but I taught you in Catholic high School. I choose to retain anonymity due to the rather delicate nature of this letter. I wrote it with love and after prayer. Please take it as such.

    I remember you as an athletic, smart young lady with great academic potential. I heard you were a teacher in Japan. That seemed right for a young lady with good writing skills and spirit.

    I have recently joined social media. I perused your work, and am astonished at the amount of explicit imagery I see. I have now seen at least 5 collections of nude photographs, and now, a video in which you are clearly naked.

    This, proceeding an abandoned path of writing, Public relations and teaching. I am not sure what changed, but clearly, you have.

    Is this the direction your life has taken? Nude modelling and acting? Is this where your education led you? Is this desperation? An informed choice? Are you in trouble?

    You appear proud of this work, so I will assume this is your career path now. I won’t pretend to understand it. I noted that your name is listed under ‘notable alumni’ on wikipedia for our high school. This is what led me to your facebook page, though a google search brings up many images of you.

    Plainly put, this is not what I expected when you were described as an actress on Wikipedia.

    I am surprised you are not more considerate toward your mother and your father, whom I understand is in a fragile state. I know they attend church and I cannot imagine they would be pleased with this choice of career; their daughter’s naked breasts or bottom for the entire internet or worse to gawk at. I am hopeful that the nudity ends with these pictures and that you are not a pornographic actress as well. I had heard gossip that you worked at as a stripper and dismissed it as gossip. If it is true, I will indeed pray for you.

    Please know that you are a talented young lady who does NOT need to take off her clothes to be powerful. Your body is a sacred thing for your husband and God. It should be treated as a gift, not exploited for monetary purposes. That is not why God gave you this body. This is not art. This is not beauty. This is a woman using her flesh to make dollars when she ought to use her skills. I hope you see the difference. The only difference between your photography and a common webcam prostitute is that you are possibly paid more, and modern media calls this “mainstream”, as money talks over morals, but I watched you grow up and I know you were taught better. Since when must jewellery be sold on a naked woman? For money. Since when is a naked woman with feathers on her bottom considered anything but a NAKED woman? It is a sexual image, not unlike pornography, and that is how people are judging this. You appear exceptionally proud of your recent video, but were you hired for being “an actress”, or because you look good naked? Don’t be naive. I have no doubt you were well compensated.

    Do you read your bible? Do you pray? Are you still a Catholic? Are you aware that this is not in keeping with our beliefs?

    We do believe in forgiveness. God always takes his children back. Please know that.

    If you choose to take my words to heart, I welcome your correspondence. If not, I leave with you well wishes and love. After prayer, I was prompted to send this out of love, and we Catholics do as God asks. If you are indeed still one of us, you will understand.

    Yours in concern and LOVE,

    An old teacher.

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