When my job moves me.

mommy.225x225-75A new CEO or author walks into the studio. You can tell they’re a little nervous. After all, this is their soul –  programmed into an iPad...their heart spread on the pages of a book, not quite complete. They are, in essence, bearing their soul for you to give a voice to something they’ve conjured. They are on a mission, and it’s unfamiliar territory. They may not know it, but I personally know the feeling.

I always describe the feeling of “successfully giving an entity a voice” as magical. There is nothing quite like the feeling of a visibly excited author or CEO gushing “Thank you, thank you so much, you don’t know what this means to me, it’s exactly right..”

It makes MY job matter. I’ve just given someone’s creation life. And in turn, the reward is awesome. I carry it with me.

This client (book-turned app author) recently sent me the itunes links to the books I voiced. This recording was one of those days, so I remember. If ever you are privileged to feel the same, cherish that. Take it with you. Let it fire you to grow. I never forget.



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