Last day of Kuksundo…and as I am paranoid about catching germs, t’was appropriate

Next week, “body art”. I bought some funky new gym clothes too. Nike is being replaced with Uniqlo. And by “body art”, I don’t mean the sort where an artist paints on flesh (though that would be super cool).

I recently started school for Hangul (Korean) at Yonsei after losing what I swear will be the LAST job I lose for less than fluent Korean! (err…I hope). Studying my butt off. I want to speak more smoothly than the natives baby!

Today I worked with a brand new voice actor in the booth for the first time. It brought back memories. Thankfully, mine were generally smooth but I did have a hallmark moment audition with a rather harsh agency that left me in tears…which I will never forget – and today, I remember it when they call. Be nice to people giving their best. You never know where they’ll go or what they’ll become.


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