MBC documenting “a day in the life of the unseen of the media”

My colleague Tony Ruse of Miniloop media joined me yesterday  for our weekly Chosun news as MBC filmed, oftentimes from inside the booth.

The filming was followed by questions for Tony: his challenges, history, advise, goals, and “just how does he keep that sexy voice sounding supple”? I heard they were en route to his home for a true glimpse into the life of a voice talent. Hard to believe that the gentleman has been voice acting for 25 years. He puts many of us to shame.

As for moi, I did some storybook reading and played some characters to demonstrate typical job requests and reiterated my adoration for Miniloop studio. It was “an interesting day at the office”.

Looking forward to seeing the documentary. I thought it was cool that they chose to feature those whose voices are commonplace but whose faces may simply be “perfect for radio”…audio is such a powerful mode of expression.  I love the challenge of being limited to voice. Consider that for a second.

I move A LOT when I voice act, particularly while doing animations-so much so that other actors have joked that I pose a hazard to be next to if we are dubbing in a group. It’s natural to me, after I actually started “acting” and stopped “reading”. We have one itty bitty medium to work with through which we must convey everything that a TV/theatre actor does “in feeling”. Just your sound. It’s a pretty cool challenge.


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