Hector Kim’s imagination at work

By Hector Kim, MU Yoon Kim, Assistant photographer Kisu Chae, Hair by @Jung Chun, La Stella — at La Stella, Cheongdam .

Fine Art Photograper Hector Kim joined another great fine art mind, Yoon Kim, and Chisu Chae, at La Stella in Cheongdam for a conceptual shoot that turned East-Indian inspired.

I was telling Hector, who is, in fact, quite a living “artwork” himself in character, that I often crave freedom and creativity when I work. These shoots merge modelling and acting. And of course, it incldued my favorite stylist/Make-up artist and collaborator–the lovely Yoon Kim. Anyone who is privileged to work with Yoon will remember it. She is one of a kind brilliant, and frankly, so is Hector.

Imagine walking into a space with a model you’ve never met, and little more than some camera equipment, a sari, some bangles, and imagination. This is what wHector did, and the photos organically emerged.


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